"Dedicated to the preservation of the Oriental Roller as a Flying - Performing Pigeon."

The flying of the Oriental Roller is nearly a lost art in North America. We are at a pivotal point in the history of the breed on this continent. The Flying Oriental Roller Society is established to restore the heritage of the breed as an air performing pigeon and to advance the popularity of this distinctive breed in the pigeon fancy. 

The club is open to all who wish to fly and/or exhibit the flying type Oriental Roller or anyone who is interested in the breed and would like to share the fellowship and sportsmanship of like-minded Fanciers.  (Preamble taken from FORS BY-LAWS)

Carl A. Naether writes in his book The Pigeon, That the Turkish or Oriental Roller is doubtless the oldest breed of performing, flying pigeon. It received mention in Persian manuscripts of the twelfth century. Ever since, this pigeon has been bred for its remarkable flying and rolling qualities.

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Articles of interest taken from past FORS quarterly bulletins:
Oriental Rollers, An excerpt from the book "So You Want to Raise Rollers" by W. Paul Bradford reprinted with permission.

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by Andy Estrada

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Show Standard of the Flying Oriental Roller

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