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"Dedicated to the preservation of the Oriental Roller as a Flying - Performing Pigeon."

Oriental Rollers from Germany - Fehrholz Family

In 1998, Willem Niepce of The Netherlands sent me 4 pairs of performing Oriental Rollers from the loft of Hartmut Fehrholz of Germany. Iíve proved these pigeons have performance. These pigeons came with color factors that are not usually seen in our oriental Rollers. Here are a few examples. Andy Estrada  

These four photos are of original imports from Germany. Almond cock on the left and an Almond hen on the right. All the imports produce fine performers as pure Ferholtz stock and in crosses with domestic strains. These pigeons are a nice addition to our gene pool. Oriental Rollers from Mr. Ferholtz are now flying in the skies over Northern California and will soon spread to other parts of the U.S.A.


Left is a Blue Mottle Cock. Right is possibly an Indigo hen. Mr. Ferholtz said he has no Indigo and that the hen is Dominant Red (Ash Red). However, Offspring and breeding results point more to Indigo. Since I concentrate on flying, it will take more time to work it out with certainty.