Julidochromis regani "Blackworm"

 Here's an interesting melanistic Julie. It's regani "blackworm" I am excited about these. I bought a bunch small and now have 2 breeding pairs. This Is the story on them as I heard it. A major Aquarium had an exclusive on them, and donated some to a cichlid club in their city, with the guarantee they wouldn't breed and sell any of the offspring. They went ahead and bred them and sold them to one of my suppliers and I bought all he had for sale at the time. He may have sold some previously, I don't know. A friend of mine wrote the Aquarium and asked about them and he said they were upset they got out to the public and wanted to turn him in. The history of them with the Aquarium is not known to me. They are pretty much constant in coloration and markings, which makes me lean towards a mutation and away from a hybrid.

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