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Gelderse Slenk

A rare breed of Pouter from Holland

by Hans from Holland

There are two kinds of Slenks: Groninger Slenk (a show pigeon) and Gelderse Slenk (those of the picture). These are flying pigeons. They were kept in the 1930's by a lot of fenchers around Arnhem, a town in the province Gelderland to catch other pigeons and I know when I let them fly they brought other pigeons home. They fly in a wave-like movement and keep their wings together above their body and under the body. When they keep their wings together under their body they drop several meters. They call it pulling and floating. They were almost extinct. Now we have a group in Holland who have dedicate themselves to preserve these pigeons and bring them back to the castles in Gelderland. At this moment there are around 200 pairs. I don't think this breed is in the US.

There are three sizes of Gelderse Slenk: The long, middle and small size. The smallest performs the best.


by Rene Kruter from Holland

The Slenk has a unique flying and displaying style. I don't know any other breed that makes a " jump up" in full air and then keep the wings stretched downwards (closed) for a few seconds (like a clap in your hands and then freeze at the clap). It is hard to describe, you have to see it. 

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Here's some more information and photos of the Gelderse Slenks. It's all in Dutch:,275,0,0,1,0


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