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Gaditano Pouters

These are photos of some of my breeding stock. None of these birds on this page are for sale. To see what we currently have up for sale go to our sale page.

#30173-13 Andalusian cock
#2295-12 and #100-13 are sibling Qualmonds

3 month old Qualmond, carries recessive white
Blue Bar Grizzle cock #70
Pair that carries recessive white! #36 and #26

Blue Check hen
gad_2051.JPG (77266 bytes)

Poor photo of an awesome Black Qualmond cock

gad_4195b.JPG (79723 bytes) gad_4195.JPG (75420 bytes)

#4195 Blue Bar cock - the best I raised in 2011. He is paired with #760 a Blue Grizzle, a very rare color in Gaditanos. 


  gad_761c.JPG (140404 bytes)   gad_761d.JPG (122630 bytes)

#761 may be the best bird I bred in 2009. He is a Qualmond cock out of Blueboy and Tammy.

gad_blue_boy2.jpg (117812 bytes)  

"Blueboy" #277 is paired with #1553 a nice blue check hen


#1567, a white Grizzle hen. She is paired with the white cock #4929, pictured below, for my orange eye white project

#4929, orange eye white cock

gad_63.JPG (135995 bytes) gad_63b.JPG (128651 bytes)

#63 - Blue Bar cock


Black hen #3239


Translated from Federación Española de Columbicultura Standard

Origin : The Southern-most part of Spain. It was formerly known as the Jerezano but was renamed after the city of Cadiz. It is also a descendant of the Colitejo.

Overall impression : An active and perky pouter of medium size with a well formed and rounded globe.

Breed Characteristics

Head (10 pts): Ram or almond shaped. Long and elliptical without heavy wattle development.

Eyes (5pts): Deep red or orange in all colors but pieds and whites. These have bull eyes. Fine eye ceres in all colors.

Beak (5pts) : Short and slightly curved. Fine triangular wattles.

Globe/Crop (20pts) : Round and well inflated, though the head should always be visible from the front.

Body (20pts): Wedge-shaped; back should be flat with a profusely feathered rump; strong wide wings which rest on the tail without the tips crossing.

Tail (15pts) : Short and two feathers wide. Slight scoop is allowed.

Feet and Legs (10pts) : Medium length of limb with finely formed feet.

Color (15pts): All colors are allowed. Feather should be rich, abundant, with soft and spongy texture. Color patterns: solid, checker, barred, splashed but never pied marked.

Faults : Overblown globe or globe where entire head is not visible; lacking globe; narrow body; short legs; long legs; fine head like the Marchenero; excessive wattle development.

Band size :8mm

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