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Flying Oriental Rollers - Hartmut Fehrholz family, from European imports

None of these birds on this page are for sale. To see what we currently have up for sale go to our sale page

DeRoy (Recessive Red Almond) cock

Almond cock


Black Tiger cock

Sprinkle hen


Young Almond cock

This Almond hen just loves me. She is extremely tame as are many of the Ferholtz birds


#25 is an 06 Red cock

#40 is a young 07 Almond cock


Recessive Red hen

Bronze Mottle hen


Juvenile Bronze Mottle. This bird has since molted out about half white feathers. See image below.

Juvenile Bronze Mottle. This bird also has molted out to mostly white. See images below.


 Bronze Mottle - young cock

Bronze Mottle hen


Black Mottle hen

Black Mottle cock


Black hen

Juvenile Black 


Young Kite hen

Young Sprinkle cock


Sprinkle hen

White tail squeeker


DeRoy Almond cock

  DeRoy Mottle Almond


Recessive Red Mottle

Recessive Red Mottle

Young Sprinkles

It's a mystery where the Whites below are coming from. I am getting them from a pair of Tiger Grizzles and 2 pairs of "Pencil" or Undergrizzles. All the pairs are related but have pedigrees that go way back and there is no mention of Whites on any of the Fehrholz birds pedigrees. There's also no chance of cross breeding going on. One suspicion is it's related to the "Pencil" factor in these birds that causes the Bull Eyes and White coloration. Another possibility is Recessive White is way back in their ancestry further than the pedigrees list.  It's a fact that Mr Fehrholz in Germany has Whites like these as well.




The Flying Oriental Roller Society has moved to Facebook and you are invited to come join us! No dues!  It is a friendly and informative, interactive forum free of drama and negative behavior.  All aspects of the breed will be discussed including birds for sale and wants.  Please join us, you won’t be sorry! Flying Oriental Roller Society on Facebook

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