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Unsolicited Comments 


Chuck Zakarian I have received birds from Alan Bliven and also. Steve May and the birds were better then I expected. If anything they down play the quality of their stock Thanks to both of you.


C.j. Scherrman: I've received multiple birds from Alan Bliven over time every time i have been satisfied with our transactions and trades..


Manolo Garcia Just received my birds 
From Alan      Bliven
.Awesome seller and birds
Thanks Alan


Alan I just picked up the birds. I'm really happy with the quality of them. They should molt out into real nice white sides. I can't wait to get them flying. Thanks for the extra birds. It's always a pleasure doing business with you.. Tony



PO called me this morning at 8AM and I picked them up.
They are settling in to the holding loft. I hope they don't find the Ohio Valley air to damp & cold. 
I can not remember when I got a nicer group of birds! They are all beautiful and in very good health. Pictures did not due them justice. The Homers are good homer type with several having very good eye sign. Hope to purchase more birds in the future. Also excited to fly some young Ringbeaters in 2012.

Thank you & have a Happy New Year!

Greg West



Thanks so much for the great birds.  just wanted you to know they arrived safe and sound and I am enjoying them!

Darrell Jicha



Thanks Alan. Really appreciate you.  Your last birds are all sitting on eggs.  So excited.  Thanks


Hello Alan good morning just emailing you to let you know that the Morrilleros arrived safely this morning, they are beautiful birds they are now eating and drinking . Also the Morrillero that you suspected is a male is indeed a male it was a great pleasure doing business with you and look forward to doing business  with you in the future. Thank you again, have a great day


Hi Alan,

Absolutely love the birds you sent me, but especially khaki Horseman pouter and Gaditano cock. He keeps his globe blown up almost all the time. He's livened my coop up a bit too.
Bob McCarthy




Hey Alan, I don't know if you remember me or not, but I bought a tort Gaditano hen from you last year and you gave me a blue bar hen and a mottled cock as a gift. Well they are all doing great and I was blessed to win Reserve Grand Champion pigeon at my 4-H fair with the blue check cock. Thank you very much for all of your help and advice!




They arrived this morning.  They got here very quick.  I was surprised when the PO called to say they were in.  They look great.
Thanks very much, I appreciate getting them



Wow! ---these are really nice birds! Thanks so much for the extra Fireback.
All the best wishes to you for the New Year.


Birds arrived today. They look great.
Thanks Mr. Blivens,


Alan, the birds arrived a-ok this morning. Good job.


Just letting you know that I received the pigeon today.  It's more beautiful in person. ...  I am looking forward to getting some more in the summer or fall.  Let me know if you have some available then.  Thanks a lot for this beautiful pigeon.


alan just got the birds

lets just say i need some more
thanks again
very impressed


Hi. I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful birds (113,124) and that they

have settled in and doing good.
Thanks Chad


"Alan I hope you don't find this comment inappropriate to be posted in public but I wanted to let you know and let everyone that may have thought about buying a pigeon from you know, that it was a pleasure doing business with you.

I truly appreciate the way you conducted business, you went the extra mile and showed that money is not the only reason you sell pigeons, but that friendship is of equal importance to you. The honesty and integrity you demonstrated is reason enough for me to recommend you to anyone. I value a square deal and would certainly buy from you again if I saw another pigeon I liked.

Thank you very much."

"Dido here Enrique, You speaking the truth, every word of it. Alan is a great guy and he has personally helped me in my pigeon adventure/journey."

"I completely agree! Alan is first-class when it comes to helping people get good birds.




I received the pouters this morning. They look great.


  I just got home from work I looked over the birds. They look really nice. I appreciate you giving me that Dun Cock as a gift. Thank You Vince


Birds arrived safe and great. Thanks for the bonus !



Alan, just want to say thank you for the birds you have sold & started me with, over the years! You are always great to work with, but I enjoy are friendship best! It has been a pleasure doing business with you & getting to know you. You're a blessing to the hobby & have great birds!

Thanks for EVERYTHING,
Godspeed Lofts



Allen, the birds arrived this morning in really good shape and to tell you the truth they are beautiful.....I also appreciate the extra bird that you threw in there..........thank you again........Constantin.......



Pigeons came in today in good shape.

They are great looking pigeons and your doing a great
job with this breed!



The birds arrived this morning in good condition, I picked them up around 0900 hrs. and they are now in the loft, watered and fed.  They are beauts!

Thank you!

"Semper Fi!"


Hi, Alan I picked up the birds at 5:30AM this morning, they look great. Thanks.



Hi Alan, the Catalonians arrived today at 1:00 pm in good condition, they look better than in the pictures on the computer. Thank you and hope to purchase a few more hens in the future. Armando.



Alan, the two birds arrived this morning.  The got here in fine shape and they look really good!  Thanks again!




 The birds arrived at 11:00. Handsome birds, thank you! It was a pleasure doing business with you. I look forward to more in the future.
 Thank you again for everything,



Hey Alan, The birds arrived this morning. They look good and are adjusting to their new loft. They got here a lot faster than I thought. Thanks for the extra yb. can't wait for them to start flying. I want to get some more this winter. Thank You. Jerry 


Hello Alan its Luis.
I just got the birds. The birds are amazing. As soon as I let the lavender in the cage it began singing. I'm very happy with the birds you gave me. 
Thank you Alan


They are in-- gorgeous birds all. Thanks!

The Rafeņo cock is already chasing the hen. Almost wish I had taken the two pairs!  

My wife is particularly taken by the khaki color.



Hey Alan thanks for the birds they got here today around 12 or so in the afternoon. They're beautiful n healthy birds thanks. I'll be keeping in touch,



Alan, I received the Flying West Thursday morning. I am really pleased with them. I was really impressed with their condition and how clam they appeared. Thank you for the really fast service. I hope to more later thanks again! Armando Garcia. 



Alan greetings,
 I got the birds this morning! they look great! Thank you !
David Curneal


I got the birds this morning. They look great.



Pigeons arrived today, thanks Alan, beautiful pigeons I hope we can do business again. Please keep me in mind as
soon you have any Rafeņos available and one Laudino hen... let me know. Thanks again Alan...................\



I received the birds today and they are beautiful!  I can't believe how great they look after being shipped.  They are all 100 percent!  There were hardly any feathers in the box.  I am really happy with these birds.  Once again, you have exceeded my expectations!  If you ever need a reference, please feel free to use me.  Thanks!



Alan, I got the Picas and Horseman's, Thanks for the generosity and all the help with this new breed I am going to have a lot of fun with them! Thanks again, for the quick shipment of the birds and it is always a pleasure to do business with you.


Alan , I received the birds. Another great job and super fast shipment !!  The birds all look great ! ,Thanks again, David



Hey Alan, I got the birds, They look great. Thank you very much! I also appreciate you passing on my name to the guy with the fireballs. Thanks again  Matt Young



Hi Alan, I received the birds they all look great as always. I cant wait to fly them. Your the best ! thanks, David



Alan - The Fehrholz rollers looks very good.  They all look very healthy.  Shipping was fast and this is why I'm a returning customer.  I'm now interested in your Doneks.  I sent money for two pairs plus the boxes and shipping.  That's number 191, 189, 178 and 175.  Hope everything goes well.  Thanks



Good Afternoon Alan. I did get the tumblers this morning. I could not believe they got here so early...this was one of the fastest times in getting the birds. they are very small. you are right. What do the breeders do with these birds. Do they fly OR show? if I need anymore I will definitely contact you. thanks..




WOW, these are absolutely beautiful.   I would love some more  thanks Jim



 Alan:  Picked up my Kite Bronze Cock #185 this morning at 8 AM.  He was really lively in the box and couldn't wait to get out.  I am Extremely pleased with him.  Thanks, I appreciate your help in getting started in breeding Portuguese Tumblers.  Rog



Quick shipping time again Alan. In all my years of raising birds I've never seen one that looks like that tuffy one. Or is that a buff? Beautiful birds. Love the cinnamons. All look healthy. Noticed the type on these birds. The keel and wings are different than the Ferholtz.  I probably wont get anymore until I let these get a little older and see what I got. Far as sexes go etc. I may need some different colors etc in the future. In fact I'm sure I'll be getting some more but not for a while yet. I went on a buying frenzy with ya and will have to cool down for a while here or might get the wife time will get them all in one shipment and save some money. grin.. Will spread the word about FOR's to my pigeon buddies.  Thank you very much for all your help and good information. I saved those emails for future reference. Also your honesty and integrity with what you sent me. Many of those birds in my eyes are worth much more than I paid for them. May health, wealth, and happiness come to you and your family, Warm Regards.. Bruce ..... 



Hi Alan,

I received my birds and I am pleased.  I am surprised how much larger the Ferholtz birds are compared to my bald head rollers and Birmingham Rollers.  They are really pretty.  I also like the homers.  The cock is as big as my biggest carneau.

I would love to have your recommendations for pairing.  As a biologist, I understand genetics.  But, I haven't had time to study pigeon genetics - yet.

Thanks again.  If you ever need a reference, feel free to pass on my email address.



Alan, the birds arrived today. I'm quite happy with them. Thank you for your generosity.  Bob l.

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