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Catalonian Tumblers

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Catalonian Tumblers - Taken from the book Aloft: A Meditation on Pigeons and Pigeon-Flying by Stephen Bodio.  


      cat_fireback7.JPG (79276 bytes)  cat_052.JPG (82544 bytes)  cat_fireback8.JPG (85916 bytes)    cat_fireback_wings.JPG (110539 bytes)

Fireback Friar Caps

cat_dilute_fireback.JPG (109686 bytes)

A young Sulfur Friar Cap

cat_bronze_bar2.JPG (72675 bytes)  cat_bronze_bar.JPG (65733 bytes)

Bronze Bar Friar Cap

 cat_fireback_dilute_wings.JPG (139442 bytes)  cat_fireback_dilute3.JPG (64681 bytes)

Sulfur Bar Friar Cap

    friar_108.JPG (34948 bytes)

Black Friar Caps

cat_fc_silver2.JPG (183932 bytes)  cat_hen_2010.JPG (109772 bytes)

Reduced Friar Caps


An interesting Red Mottle Friar Cap

These are some nun marked Spanish Cats of my friend Gerard from Spain. They call them Mongi Girats

cats_girats.JPG (126652 bytes)

The following Spanish Cat photos were taken by my friend Pedro Bento when he visited the show on the Balearic islands at Mallorca

cat_Mallorca3.JPG (156200 bytes)  cat_Mallorca.JPG (104249 bytes) cat_Mallorca6.JPG (281029 bytes) cat_Mallorca4.JPG (120509 bytes)  cat_Mallorca5.JPG (123693 bytes)  cat_Mallorca2.JPG (134455 bytes) 

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