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Group of Granadinos outside Three year old Granadino cock
Granadino pursuing hens Granadino cock
Pinto White Granadino Pinto White Granadino 2
Pied Granadino 4 month old colored Granadino
1 year old white Granadinos 18 month old Granadino cock
Granadino Video  
Granadinos in Argentina Granadinos in Argentina 2
"El Yanki" of Eusebio the Jiennense in Flight Rosado Jiennense
Emilio Cano's Pigeons A Nice Pair of Jiennense
Raza Antigua (An Old strain of Jiennense) Jiennense in flight
Jiennense in flight Pair of Jiennense
Young Jiennense Brown Bar Jiennense
Jiennense in London Pair of Blue Bar Jiennense
 Blue Bar Jiennense Jiennense in flight 1
In flight 2 In flight 3
In flight 4 In flight 5
In flight 6 In flight 7
In flight 8 In flight 9
In flight 10  Jiennense Breeding Pair
Jiennense Breeding Pair 2 Jiennense Breeding Pair 3
Palomo de Clase
Palomo de Clase Video #1 Palomo de Clase Video #2
Dancing Moroncelo #1 Dancing Moroncelo #2
Dancing Moroncelo #3 Moroncelo In Flight
"El Cobrizo" a Moroncelo  
"El General" a Morrillero Morrillero 1
Morrillero 2 Morrillero 3
Morrillero 4 Black Morrillero
Trio of Morrillero Quartet of Morrillero
Black Morrillero cock Morrillero Porcelano
Suelta Video 1 Suelta Video 2
Argentinean Thief Pouters
Argentinean Thief Pouters Argentinean Thief Pouters 2
Gaditanos from Holland  
Laudino Sevillano
Laudino Breeding Pair 1 Laudino pair
Laudino pair #2 Pair of Reds
Black and Smokey
Pair of Smokey's Smokey cock

Dutch Tils

Till VIdeo

Till Video Two Tammac


Canario Pair

Canaria Video One

More videos:

http://www.palomoar ar/

And at the bottom of this one is some great ones.

http://www.4pigeons .us/Galleria% 20Antonio% 20Rodriguez. htm


And have you seen this one from Dennis? It contains tils and radars

El Valenciano Rojo con Hembra.

El Valenciano Rojo.

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