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President of the Flying Oriental Roller Society, member of the American Racing Pigeon Union and the Tucson Poultry, Pigeon and Fancy Foul Club.

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Gaditano Pouters

Horseman Thief Pouters

Racing Homers


Flying Oriental Rollers

Circus Rollers

Catalonian Tumblers


Morrillero Pouters

Moroncelo Pouters

Jiennense Pouters


Show Type Racing Homers

North American Highflying Rollers


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Articles of Special Interest

 Grain Nutrient Levels  

Pigeon Genetics
A Genetic Investigation of Roller and Tumbler Genes by Richard Entrikin and Lawrence Erway

Ice Breakthrough with Gene Hochlan

Almond Breeding by Dr Axel Sell

Catalonian Flying Pigeons
Catalonian Tumblers - Taken from the book Aloft: A Meditation on Pigeons and Pigeon-Flying by Stephen Bodio. 

Flying Oriental Rollers

Training Buff and Tuff Husband FOR's by C.J. Scherrman
  Amazing Intelligence of Oriental Rollers  By Ulrich Reber

Training Oriental Rollers from a Kit Box By Ulrich Reber

  Several Flight Patterns Of The Oriental Roller by Ulrich Reber 

Starting out with Flying Oriental Rollers by Alan Bliven of Circus Lofts
Flying Oriental Roller Common Misconceptions by Andy Estrada
Flying Oriental Rollers by Paul Bradford
THE ROLLER PIGEON---PART 1 Oriental Rollers  by H. P. Macklin (1954)
Oriental Roller Pedigree
The Flying Oriental Roller Society has moved to Facebook and you are invited to come join us! No dues!  It is a friendly and informative, interactive forum free of drama and negative behavior.  All aspects of the breed will be discussed including birds for sale and wants.  Please join us, you won’t be sorry! Flying Oriental Roller Society on Facebook
Escampadissa Roller
The Escampadissa Roller - Hawk Catcher by Rene Kruter
 Spanish Pouters Poster 
  The Use of Hens as Thieving Pouters
  Historical evolution of Spanish Pouters  
Gaditano Pouters and Sour Crop
Horseman Doo Kits
Pica Reference Guide
Horseman Pouter Counterfeits bred in America 
Standards and Photos of Various Spanish Pouter Breeds
Gelderse Slenk A Rare breed of Pouter from Holland
  The Radar Pouter by Anthony Kellers
Dutch Tils Photos of the Dutch Thief Pouter
North American Highflying Rollers
Featuring articles by Charlie Hubbs and William Latham III
Wild Pigeons

  Facts about Wild Pigeons