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Flying Oriental Rollers

"The King of the Sky"

The following photos will take you to each page of the strains we are currently working with.
None of these birds on this page are for sale. To see what we currently have up for sale go to our sale page.


Husband Buff & Tuff


Birmingham Roller Guardians by Paul Sisk

Starting out with Flying Oriental Rollers by Alan Bliven of Circus Lofts

Flying Oriental Roller Common Misconceptions by Andy Estrada

Flying Oriental Rollers by Paul Bradford

  Several Flight Patterns Of The Oriental Roller by Ulrich Reber

Training Oriental Rollers from a Kit Box  by Ulrich Reber

  Amazing Intelligence of Oriental Rollers  by Ulrich Reber

THE ROLLER PIGEON---PART 1 Oriental Rollers  by H. P. Macklin (1954)

Oriental Roller Pedigree by Dennis Radi

The Flying Oriental Roller Society has moved to Facebook and you are invited to come join us! No dues!  It is a friendly and informative, interactive forum free of drama and negative behavior.  All aspects of the breed will be discussed including birds for sale and wants.  Please join us, you won’t be sorry! Flying Oriental Roller Society on Facebook


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